Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Red Dress Show Review

Tracy Reese :

She takes X's and O's to a new level. I would X this dress out.

Lissa Rinna :

I cannot believe it she actually looks great. Someone else must have picked out her dress for her. I usually wouldn't go for a 70's Tina Turner Dress, but well done.

Heidi Klum :

Her body looks great, but the dress is a flop in my book. It looks like her four year old got a hold of the scissors and instead of cutting her hair, she cut her mothers dresses.

Molly Simms :

Red cellophane, where was this at when they made Fried Green Tomatoes. I don't think I would like to wear it but I am sure that it would be a hit with the hubby.

I Have to Stand UP For Britney Spears

You may ask why would someone stand up for a person who has gone so far down hill. Well, if you are someone who has gone through genuine hardships in your life and you deeply feel love. I mean the kind of love that you feel in the depths of your soul, then you may sympathize with Britney. I have never had a mental break or been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but I have friends that have had bipolar, and I have seen two of them have the same kind of break that she is having. The sad thing is that they never want help, they always push people away, because they are too proud. This is the reason that they get to this breaking point, because they will not accept any help. For her parents, family and friends it is the hardest, because they are tore up inside feeling that they have let her down. They always think they should have down something more to get her help earlier, but until she gets to the point of needing a legal guardian there is nothing they can do. Everyone is saying did her parents and family not see the signs. She shaved her head for god sakes. If that wasn’t a cry for help, what was. Then she was hospitalized before, why didn’t she stay in longer. Well, as long as Britney was said to be of sound mind and body she could check herself out at any time. Everyone also has said that she is not a good mother, well she can’t be a good mother right now and won’t be a good mother until she is well. What I don’t get is that some of the media and society supported Paris Hilton for drinking and driving. She could have stopped drinking, hired a driver, or got a cab, all of these she could have controlled. Britney’s is a mental disorder. You just can’t go to AA meetings. I say SUPPORT BRIT!!