Monday, February 4, 2008

J LO : I know that the 70's styles are all coming back, but this pattern of material, I thought they had discontinued. This is what my great grandmothers picnic tablecloth was made out of.

I didn't know that celeb's bought cloths from second hand stores. I can still remember my great granny walking down the hallway with her cane, a hump in her back and wearing a dress just almost like this one. Some vintage is good and some is just B-A-D.

Jessica Simpson :

Jessica always looks great in vintage, but this dress the designer has cut the top and laid it over too close to her nipples. I don’t know why she feels like she has to be naked all the time or always showing off her girls. It may be the fact that the media is always saying that she’s not very smart. Well if she’s not very smart, then guess what, she shouldn’t care. She is beautiful and makes more money then over half of the people in America. She doesn’t have to show her body to stay on top. Maybe she should come up with her own shirt like Ugly Betty that says Dumb Blonds Make Money or Dumb Blond But a Bomb.

I didn’t know that she had a job as a sex dominator!

What is the Deal With Short Short Dresses!

Ryan Seacrest & Kim Kardashian :

Ryan sure does have a smile on his face. Most men would if the woman they were with had to keep holding her dress together so nobody would see her hoochy - koochy. What is the deal with these dresses? You know that you have to hold it together all the time and then when you set down it gapes open and it
goes up even higher. What does this say about the women who wears a dress like this? I can’t say anything really bad, because if she is really tall, then it is really hard to find a short dress. Short dresses are made for women under 5'9"and if you are taller then that then they are really, really short on you, so if you want to wear something in style you have to wear something like this. I would have chosen not to wear this one thought!