Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mariah Carey :
Takes a picture with the cast from, "The Hills." I see why they only took one picture with her. They look like twelve year old girls, who still need to go through puberty.

Celebs Out For The Day!

Penelope Cruise :

When, Where and How soon will I get my DRUGS!
Celeb’s may think that you are blending in, but they are really sticking out! The other people in the park may not recognize you, but I bet you get some different looks. I am sure that she thinks the bewildered looks coming her way are because everyone is trying to figure out which Celeb she is, or What her name is? When in fact, they are watching her making sure that she doesn't get to close to their children.

Kevin Federline :

This is one UGLY man!
I guess he has done pretty well smelling crotches.
Which man decided to bring back plaid? Let it go and let it be buried ten feet under.

Priscilla Presley :

I think that when you begin to look like an ALIEN it's time to stop having plastic surgery done on your face.

Fergie :

Cowgirl want a beeeee!

Wearing a bull rider’s buckle!

Let your own imagination wonder here. Come up with your own slam. Big buckles are nothing but tombstone markers!

When you go out in public, make sure that you don't put your shorts on backwards.

Lindsey Lohan :

HOLD me back! Oh! I have to say it! Someone just got lucky in the back seat of a car. I wonder if the valet is still zipping up his pants.

Amy Winehouse :

Being a Celeb has really gone to the dogs!

She gives hope to all drug addicts, that some day you too can become a Celeb and get award's /with or without your crack showing.

Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Film Independent's Spirit Award

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt :

Oh! My God! And I am not talking about the baby bump. What is up with Pitt’s pants? I know that he is a dad and that he is getting older, but come on man! These are worse than golf pants!

Children are a Blessing!
Photo : Sara DeBoer/Retna ltd.

Allison Janey :

This is what you wear to your Indian, In-laws and then hope you have your scalp left, when you get ready to leave!

Photo : Sara DeBoer/Retna ltd.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 Oscars

George Clooney :

Can he wear anything except this black suit? Wear a long tie or add a colored vest. Quit being a penguin!

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Colin Farrell:

Just to look at. Fine! Fine! Fine!

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Forest and Keisha Whitaker:

Beautiful couple! They have it all together. Her dress, earrings, bracelet and purse. Terrific!

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Jessica Alba:

Always add feathers. Feathers’ make great nipple warmers.

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Anne Hathaway :

If you’re not nominated, then wear your own wreath of roses.

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Josh Lucas:

Oh! He does look good, but his pants are just a little tight and about 2 inches too short.

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Javier Bardem:

Scruffy the dog!!

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com


I think he is growing out of his suit too. Not that I mind seeing him in tight pants. Wow!

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

The Rock:


photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Tilda Swinton :

Well, she has improved, but now she looks like chewbacca’s wife.

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Rosamund Pike:

Never sew your own dress for the Oscars!
And don’t forget to wear your bra.

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Marion Cotillard:

Mermaid, scales and all!

photo : Steve Grantiz/wireimage.com

Monday, February 11, 2008

2008 Grammy Awards

Cher :
She has come back from the grave.

Photo : Frank Micelotta/GettyImages

Corinne Bailey Rae :

I don’t know who Luella Bartley, the designer of this dress is, but she should make lamp shades. This dress is a beautiful lamp shade with a belt.

Photo : Chris Pizzello/APImages

2008 Grammy Awards

Cyndi Lauper :

A Drag-on Queen, who was dragged around the block a few times before she showed up.

Photo : Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

Amy Lee :

The Black Queen of the Nile.

Photo : Kevin Mazer/WI

Paramore :

I’ve been blinded! I wonder if they sing the song Blinded bye the Light?

Photo : Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kate Hudson :

This is a dress that I would never wear in public! First of all - clam shells, then it’s the color gray. I don’t know whoever told her she looked good in gray, but they lied. Wear yellow, blue, black, hell even white, but not grey.

Kate again with the grey. What do you say about this outfit? Let me try and assess your outfit, a play Christmas night at a Catholic School, your wearing a Sister Mary top, with a dash of a childhood Catholic rebellion skirt and a pair of elf shoes to match.