Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Which Celeb is the Saggiest of All?

2008 Sag Awards

Photo : Fredrick M Brown/Getty Images(left & Right); Kevork Djansezian/Associated Press(2nd Left,2nd Right)

Tina Fey : It is the simple black dress and she looks like she can make night daylight.

Ellen Page : All that is needed to finish off the outfit is a football, so she can score a first and ten.

Sandra OH : She appears to have pulled an old bridesmaid dress out of her closet and still seams to have forgotten to have it hemmed.

Sally Field : Is in an old black dress and really only needs a pair of pearls to pull it all together.
Bellow Photo : From Left: Fredrick M. Brown/Getty Images first three pictures then Evan Agostini/ Associated Press
Named Left to Right

Eddie Falco : Plain and Drab; She is dressed well to go work at a mortuary.

Tild Swinton : What can I say? The only thing missing are the red clown shoes. Robocop's Bride.

American Ferrera :
A drab shade of gray, but beautifully done. She has pulled it off. Gorgeous darling gorgeous.

Ellen Pompeo : All that she needed to do was pick up her arm and start the robot dance. GO HOME & CHANGE!

Photo bellow : From Left : Evan Agostini/AP; Vince Bucci/CI;Fredrick Brown/GI (2) Named Left to Right :

Marion Cotillard : Simple & Graceful

Debra Messing : The Dress is refined, but her hair makes her look like Sheba in the wild.
All that is missing is her spear with fur and feathers dangeling.

Glen Close :
She has picked a dress to show off how great she has kept her body in shape.

Cate Blanchett : Glowing and Radiant

Photo : From Left : Chris Pizzello/AP ;Fredrick M. Brown/GI (3)

Kyra Sedgwick : Have you been saving that dress since high school?

Allison Janney :
Lavender is more of a color you wear to a tea party. The dress really needs a hat with big flowers. Ask Nikki if you're a match for a Ta - Ta Transplant.

Vanessa Williams :
Did you go to my neighbors house and steal the color right off the outside of his four walls?

Nikki Blonsky : Simple dress pattern with exquisite style. Invest in a tube of fire engine red lipstick to show off your beautiful smile.

Right : Angelina Jolie & Brad Pit :
Brad Pit should have taken some of his hair die and colored his go-t, but he probably didn't have the time because he was to
busy sewing Angelina's dress. Sewing it out of her parachute from her tomb raider movie.
Photo: From Left : Mike Blake/Reuters; Chris Pizzello
David Kelly & Michelle Pfeiffer :
Michelle is looking a little plain, but they are looking great together.

Photo : From Left : Kevork Djansezian/AP ; Fredrick M. Brown/GI; Evan Agostini/AP; Fredrick M. Brown/GI

Christina Applegate : Stunning, Glittering and Vintage beautiful.

Eva Longoria : She looks like a snake who just ate a big meal and is shedding her skin.

Ashley Tisdale : Where is Chewbacca? & Why didn't she put her hair into buns?

Teri Hatcher : Dazzling as usual.

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