Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Celeb Sag

Sarah Ramirez :
Here is a dress that I can make at home out of a tablecloth. Wrap it around take a staple gun one, two, three, four and whala! Although the shoes and purse are magnifique.

Photo : Dave Edwards/ Daily

Becki Newton :
I'm not sure what the designer of this dress was going for, but I'm going to try and guess. Saggy clamshells, with desire to show off small saggy Ta-Ta's and to let everyone in America know that she has clamshell like feet.

Photo : Dave Edwards/Daily

January Jones :
Here is another badly made tablecloth dress.

Photo : Dave Jones/ Daily

Lisa Rinna :
I hope that Debra Messing didn't start chasing her around with her spear. If she got paid to wear this dress, I hope that she also got paid for pain and suffering after the reviews came out.

photo: Dave Jones/

Kate Beckinsale :

I wouldn't have paid over $100.00 for this dress.

Photo : Dave Jones/

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