Friday, February 8, 2008

Barbara Walters :

Yes, She is a great woman and usually has better taste in clothing. But Barbara really, just because this material looks good on your couch, doesn’t mean that it will look good on you!

Photo : AP/Angel Cheverstt/Retna

Paris Hilton :

Does anyone else see hair in her arm pits? Come - on, you've had plastic surgery, but you haven’t had laser surgery done to permanently remove your hair.

Mandy Moore :

You are young and beautiful, but in this picture I could mistake you for an 80-year-old grandma. Put the sheet back on the curtain rod, the collar back on the Great Dane and go shopping in the teen section!

Dixie Chicks :

Where are your brooms? The " Three Hick Witches" would have been a better fit.

Beyonce :

Come-on, you see it! I know that you do! Something reached out and ate her dress. Do I have to say it? The hoochy-koochy monster!

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