Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ryan Gosling :

The suit color may look good with your eyes, but you look like a Mennonite that took a wrong turn.

Faye Runaway :

I didn’t know that they let bag ladies into red carpet events.

Kirsten Dunst :

I don’t think that she can move. Maybe we should call her the White Vampire Goddess. The dark burgandy lipgloss really dosn't help. I hope her date made it home alright.

Catherine Keener :
(Supporting actor of "Into the Wild")

She must never want to act again. Not only is the dress bland, but the boots, I expect more from someone on the red carpet.

J Lo :

Beautiful, Elegant, and reportedly going to have twins. Congradulations!


Nilz said...

Wonderful! And more so with your humorous footnote!

Get the fun out of social shopping

Hunter's View said...

Thank You! What a cute picture you have. To bad their not still little. I am sure they wouldn't want to be little though again.